Infographic Youth Ambassador SRHR 2016-2017


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Interview De Limburger

Sanne Thijssen De Limburger 8-10-2016 (1)

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A March To Remember

For the United States of America, today shall go down in history books with the inauguration of the 45th president, Donald Trump. However, tomorrow  the January 21st of 2017, may be even more memorable. The Women’s March on Washington is expected to be the largest march in US history with over a million people expected […]

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Recommendations for meaningful youth participation in Foreign Affairs and the broader Dutch Government

Youth not only have the right to participate, their active participation also contributes to bettering their situation and stimulating their development. Many policymakers in the Netherlands are convinced of the importance of meaningful youth participation, but there is still much to be improved. To make youth participation in the Netherlands more meaningful I therefore make […]

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Sunny side of statistics.

The sun was shining and birds were singing as I left the UN building at 17.30 on Friday. It seemed spring had swept away the grey weather New York had at the start of the week. Last week’s Commission on Population and Development was focussed largely on data and statistics. For many people, data is […]

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Statement at CPD 49

Honourable chair, esteemed delegates, To fulfill our promise of leaving no one behind, we must measure who we are leaving behind. It is crucial not only to the Agenda 2030, but also to the realization of the ICPD agenda itself, that we start collecting data on adolescents – especially related to their sexual and reproductive […]

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Are you a feminist?

A while ago on a night out, I overheard a conversation between two people. A guy went up to a girl, grabbed her and said she was so beautiful, she had to dance with him. She pushed him away, saying he should keep his hands of her. Annoyed he replied: “Are you a feminist or […]

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